Thursday, July 31

Kuselan Tickets

Featuring Rajinikanth, Pasupathy, Nayantara and Meena in key roles, Kuselan is a remake of the Malayalam movie Katha Parayumpol. Vadivelu presumably provides the comedy angle. Kuselan is said to be the story of two friends - a superstar actor (Rajinikanth) and a poor barber (Pasupathy). Music is from G.V.Prakash Kumar while Arvind Krishna gets credit for the cinematography. Kuselan is produced by K.Balachandar and directed by P.Vasu (director of the Rajinikanth’s 2005 blockbuster Chandramukhi). It remains to be seen if Kuselan can match the success of Rajinikanth’s previous movie Sivaji. Kuselan is also being released in Telugu under the title Kathanayakudu.
Superstar Rajinikanth revealed that he dons a very important role in 'Kuselan'. However, he said that, as per the story, “Pasupathy’s role is 50%, Vadivelu gets 25% and 25% for me”. He added that the movie revolves around his character. He also said that the emotional climax would be on par with 'Chandramukhi'. He expressed his confidence that the movie would come out very well. Director P. Vasu said that the movie is Rajini’s movie and that no one needs to have any doubt about it. His character has been shaped to fulfill the expectations of his fans, he added. It is learnt that Rajini has two fights and two duets in the film.
Well, the movie is going to be released on August 1 and all Rajini fans are very eager to watch the movie.. The tickets are being sold out in huge numbers.. Online bookings are very much busy for the next three weeks.. People all over India can book tickets for any show in the link provided below....

Kuselan Tickets

Tuesday, July 29

Training Materials for Infosys and CTS

Many students who have completed their engineering would be almost prepared to join a software company. But after joining a software company, most of them find it difficult to complete their training successfully. So for all those students, here is a chance to make their training easier. The students who got placed in Infosys and CTS can download their training materials in the links below....

Training Material for Infosys

Training Material for CTS

Students those who got placed in other software companies can also download these materials since it covers almost everything in which other companies give their training. So people make full use of it and enjoy your training....



Well, Indian Cricket is going through a tuff phase. It is suffering from lack of good, efficient fast bowlers. We can easily count the number of good fast bowlers India had for the past 30 years. In the recent times, the only good bowler India had was Javagal Srinath and he too retired five years back. Still India is searching for an effiecient fast bowler.

Though many young bowlers got a chance to play for India, they didnot prove to be efficient. Ajit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan, Ashish Nehra, L.Balaji, Irfan Pathan, Sreesanth, R.P.Singh, V.R.V.Singh, Munaf Patel are some of the fast bowlers trying to make it to the Indian team. But they find it difficult to do it because of inefficiency. Indian Premier League(IPL) brought many young players to light and they proved to be promising. Some of them are Manpreet Gony, Ashok Dinda, Yomahesh, Praveen Kumar, Sidharth Trivedi and Ishant Sharma.

Though these players seem to be promising, they dont have enough experience to handle pressure. The only current fast bowler who bowls efficiently and with consistent speed is Ishant Sharma but he is overburdened much and hence he is also not able to perform much. The scenario has to be changed. With three coaches for Indian Cricket team, it is still a wondering factor that why there is lack in efficiency. BCCI should take some serious steps to handle this issue. Otherwise there will be no permanent solution to this issue….

Monday, July 28

India on high alert!!!

Well, at least 46 people were killed in two days of bombings that hit Ahmedabad and Bangalore. At least 16 bombs exploded in Ahmedabad in Gujarat on Saturday, killing at least 45 people and wounding 161, a day after another set of blasts in Bangalore killed a woman. Two more unexploded bombs were found in Surat on Sunday. A little-known group called the ‘Indian Mujahideen’ claimed responsibility for the Ahmedabad blasts on Saturday. The same group said it carried out bomb attacks in Jaipur that killed 63 people in May. Many of the bombs were packed into metal tiffin boxes, used to carry food, and stuffed with ball-bearings. Some were left on bicycles. Police found two unexploded bombs in Ahmedabad on Sunday. The state Government ordered the closure of all shops, cinemas and markets and told people to stay indoors. Both the Ahmedabad and Bangalore are in states ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party and are among the country's fastest-growing. The entire nation, including major metro cities in India, have been put on high alert.

Thursday, July 24


There is no end to my GNIIT course. I joined my GNIIT course in December, 2004. But till I dint complete my course. There are totally four semesters in this course. After each semester, there will be a break for the students usually for one month. The first two semesters had been completed on time. But then there were many faculty and HOC changes. The centre also got shifted to a new place. We saw some five faculties for third semester alone. The classes were not conducted properly but with some good faculties we completed third semester in time. Then we had a break for nearly more than a year. The classes didnot commence at all. Many of the students stopped the course and went to jobs. Atlast they started with a new HOC and now the classes are conducted regularly. Lets hope we finish our course and get our certificates soon….

Friday, July 18

Referral System

India skipper Anil Kumble today became the first cricketer in the history of the game to go for the review of an on-field umpire's decision when Mark Benson turned down a leg-before appeal against Malinda Warnapura off Harbhajan Singh. Kumble, using the right under new umpire referral system, sought the opinion of the third umpire, who upheld the decision of Benson. Warnapura, who struck his second Test century, was on 86 when Harbhajan made a confident leg before appeal. South African television umpire Rudi Koertzen after scrutinising the replay went with Benson's ruling. This was for the first time that a decision other than stumping and run out was made with the help of the third umpire. The International Cricket Council (ICC) introduced the referral system on an experimental basis for this Test series. A batsman or fielding captain can now request a review of any decision by referring it to the third official monitoring television replays.

Sunday, July 13

Finally a Degree

Its a long dream for students like us to get a engineering degree. Once when I entered into my college, I lost my interest towards studies and started to enjoy my life. We, our gang, dint even listen to what the teachers said, instead were teasing them. We bunked classes for atleast twice a week, went to movies, stayed in friends’ rooms, boozed often whenever we got some money in our pocket, did all the things what a college student can do. The result, was the first arrear in my life, in my third semester. But I expected this because I felt lazy to buy the original book of that subject during my exam and experienced the pain. I didnot clear that paper till my sixth semester and finally cleared in seventh. In addition to this, I kept four different arrears in each of the semesters from fourth to seventh. Finally entered into the last semester of my engineering life. Days passed very soon as we were concentrating on our project works. Completed the project work successfully and started to prepare for our exams. As usual our gang me, Nitin, Subramani and Sridhar assembled in a common place, either in my place or Nitin’s place. Each one of them shared each subject with particular units and exactly three days before the exam,we shared what we studied. Successfully we completed our studies and also all the three exams. I had one arrear and thankfully got five days leave for it and studied all the five units without leaving any topic. Then fate came into play. When we received the question paper, everyone was shocked. Out of 100 marks, maximum 20 marks would have been from the book, rest was completely on own and we had no idea. We started to laugh for a moment, but then took it as a challenge and wrote for full 100 marks for exactly 3 hours. Came out of the hall with a satisfaction. Result came as ALL CLEAR. Though its not a big thing, it was a real achievement in life. And today when I got my certificates from college, cherished with joy, but didnot show it outside. However crossed the first half of my life and now comes the biggest challenge, with my career. Lets be positive and see how it goes….

Friday, July 11

BSNL Users Suffer

It was a real shock for all BSNL users today. When I entered my username and password to check my usage details, I got the details of some other person’s usage. Was completely shocked to see that and tried many times but got different person’s usage details each time I checked. Then I asked my friends and they said they were also experiencing the same problem. Relieved to some extent. The problem might be due to the database collisions in server and its with the BSNL to solve this problem. Anyway there will be a back up for the database. SInce from morning we are facing this problem and till BSNL didnot solve this issue. They prove that they are our government in each and every issue. Lets hope that this is rectified soon and we get back our own usage details….

Wednesday, July 9

Last Day

Many unusual things happened on final day of our college life. The most memorable of all is that a guy named NITIN who is the best entertainer of our class, unexpectedly came to college and gave a sweet shock to all of us. Nobody expected this will happen on that day since it had never happened before. There was a feel of joy in everybody’s(including the staffs) heart when he entered our class. There was a huge loud of applauds from the entire class. Then the classes<>Then we were asked to go to our lab where we started our celebrations. There were snaps taken everywhere in the college right from the entrance gate to the canteen. Took snaps with other department friends too. Colourful powders were thrown over all of them. No one in the college was able to control the situation since it was done by IT STUDENTS. It seemed to be as if the day went off in a second. In the evening, there were hugs and handshakes all around. As usual we went to our favourite tea shop outside the college and celebrated there as well. Finally everyone left to their respective buses. The day started with cheers and ended in tears……..

Thursday, July 3

Pondy Trip

The most memorable thing in our college is our trip to Pondichery. Actually we planned to go somewhere in Chennai. But suddenly we thought of making it a long one. So we decided to go to Pondy and six of our friends agreed. We started around 7.15 A.M and it took nearly 4 hours to reach there. After getting to a room, we started our party. Started with Fosters and took rest till evening. Then we went to a nearby beach in the evening and relaxed there. We had our dinner at around 8 in a French restaurant. Spent some good time there and left off to buy some booze for night. We reached our room and started the party. Then played cards for some time and enjoyed till 3 A.M. In the morning, we went to famous Vinayagar temple Aurobindho Ashram nearby and spent some time there. We had our lunch at Ram’s restaurant. Then bought booze, enjoyed as usual and the days went off. We spent three nights and four days in our hectic schedule. From then onwards, we started to go every semester holidays and the strength got increased each time. Cant forget those memorable days. CHEERS!!!!!