Sunday, June 29

Last Minute Study

Usually boys have lot of work and fun every time. So they hardly find time to study in their busy schedules. But when it comes to exam time, they study day & night and complete the work which the girls did for the past three months. Finally the result will be positive for both. Though there is huge risk involved in this, boys take it as a challenge and do it perfectly….

Wednesday, June 25

Dark Knight

“The Dark Knight” became the highest single-day grossing movie in Hollywood history, collecting a staggering $66.4 million in its first 24 hours of release, Warner Bros. said Saturday. The much-anticipated flick, co-starring the late Heath Ledger as a particularly psychotic Joker, soared past the old one-day mark of $59.8 million set last year by “Spider-Man 3.” The huge one-day number indicates “The Dark Knight,” the second installment with Christian Bale as a brooding Batman, could smash the all-time opening weekend record of $151.1 million held by “Spider-Man 3.” The movie - with a reported $180 million pricetag - appears a lock to leapfrog “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” as the biggest first weekend film of 2008. “The Dark Knight” collected a record $18.5 million alone at midnight screenings, besting the old record of $16.9 million set by “Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith” in 2005. While critics are taking the film seriously enough to suggest Ledger could be in line for an Academy Award nomination, the action-packed movie also delivers as pure summer movie escapism.

Sunday, June 22

Besant Nagar Beach

Many memorable incidents happened to us in Besant Nagar Beach. We used to go there every weekend in our fifth semester and play football. The team was made depending on the strength on that particular day. We used to play till 6 in evening and then move to nearest coffee day. After that we would spend some time in the beach and enjoy the night. It was such an exciting place to hang on. Can’t forget those sweet memories. CHEERS!!!

Friday, June 20

Team India in Colombo

Indian cricket team, led by Anil Kumble, arrived to play a three-Test series against Sri Lanka starting July 23. One-day and Twenty20 team captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni has opted out of this series, citing fatigue caused by non-stop cricket. The Indians will start their campaign with a three-day practice match against Sri Lanka Board XI from Friday. They play their first Test in Colombo from July 23. The Test series would be followed by a five-match ODI series. India has won only one of the four Test series they have played in Sri Lanka since 1985. Their previous tour in 2001 ended in a 2-1 defeat.
The Sri Lankan fans are eagerly waiting to witness Indian cricket maestro Sachin Tendulker reach yet another historic landmark by breaking West Indies Brian Lara’s record of maximum Test runs. He needs 172 runs to overhaul retired Lara’s record of 11,953 runs in Tests. At present, the 35-year old Tendulkar, playing his 20th international season, is on 11,782. Tendulkar, who made his Test debut against Pakistan in 1989, has so far played in 147 Tests, scoring 39 centuries and 49 half-centuries, averaging 55.31. Lara, who retired at the end of 2006, made 34 centuries and 48 half-centuries in 131 Tests, for an average of 52.88.

Tuesday, June 17

Subramaniapuram Review

A simple tale about group of young cool guys in Madurai during 1980 who have worries to care about their future lives. Azhagu (Jai), Paraman (Sasi), Kasi (Ganja Karuppu) and their handicapped friend are almost the roadside Romeos of the town. Azhagu is in love with Swathi whose belongs to the family of political background. Thulasi (Samuthirakani), uncle of Swathi has a very close relationship with these guys. Azhagu, Paramanan and other buddies in the group set-up a sound service rental in front of Thulasi’s home and now and then they get into problems. Well, Thulasi is the first one to step forward in bringing them out of troubles. Gliding with gleeful moments, these youngsters are now thrown into troublesome moments filled with lots of betrayals and vengeance.

‘An awesome movie’, these would be the remarking words that you will spell after watching this flick. An intensifying attempt from Director Sasi for brimming up with a perfect story and powerful narration that makes audiences glued to the screens right throughout the film. Chennai 600028 fame Jai shells out his best performance that looks more naturalistic. But in most of the scenes, his performance and gestures brings Karthi in Paruthiveeran. Probably, it may be due to the fact that Sasi worked with Ameer as assistant director and seemingly this could be the one fine reason. Not alone standing on the shoes of director does Sasi excel, for he does a mind blowing performance on the character of Paraman. Actress Swathi looks cool, but her performance is not up to our expectations for you can spot her all the time smiling and rolling her eyes.

Musical score by James Vasanth is a commendable approach for all the melodies have been well-tuned. Fine! It would have nice if he had come bit of improvised work on background score. A marvelous cinematography by Kathir makes the film more enhanced; especially the action sequences have been very well captured. Kathir has the detailed elements canned and obviously it’s a great for audiences. Director Sasi hasn’t focused more on the aspects of romance and fails a bit in drawing us in emotionally in few scenes. But violence dominates the most throughout the frames

In simple terms, ‘Subramaniapuram’ is a film that elevates Tamil Cinema to the next level in World Cinema. Splendiferous directorial by Sasi is praiseworthy and you people shouldn’t miss this film…

Friday, June 13

A dangerous precedent, says Left

The Left parties on Tuesday indicted the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for setting a “dangerous precedent” with the Prime Minister being asked to personally intervene to mediate between the Ambani brothers. “The corporate houses are openly in the fray to lobby their interests in the run-up to the confidence vote [being faced by the Manmohan Singh government in the Lok Sabha],” the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said in a statement. The CPI(M) Polit Bureau said: “The PMO should not become the conciliation office for warring corporates, however desperate the ruling party may be to retain power.”

The CPI said it was shocking the Prime Minister and the PMO were being dragged into the corporate war.

Rejecting the Left’s allegation, the PMO said there was no question of the Prime Minister getting involved in corporate affairs. The PMO said Dr. Singh’s meeting with Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani on Monday was part of his regular interaction with industry leaders.

Monday, June 9

IPL breaches Rule

In disclosing the name of Pakistani cricketer Mohammad Asif as the player who had tested positive during the recent edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL), the IPL or the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) did not breach the confidentiality clause of the World Anti-Doping Code.

The IPL did, however, violate its own anti-doping code in naming the player.

A report from Karachi, quoting a Pakistani official, had stated on Monday that the IPL had made a deviation from the WADA Code in publicly disclosing Asif’s name before his ‘B’ sample was tested.

Thursday, June 5

How To Build Body Like Ryan Reynolds?

* Eat More Smaller Meals

* Prepare Home Cooked Food

* No more Carbs after 8 PM

* Take Supplement

* Diet Menu

Ryan Reynolds transformed his body when he was preparing for his role of Hannibal King in Blade Trinity. Rumor said he did not only gain 20 pounds of muscles, but also reduced his body fat percentage from 11% to 3%. Whether the body fat percentage was really 3%, which many may not believe, the point is to look at his workout regimen as well as his diet plan and learn something out from his transformation success.

Monday, June 2

Apple's iPhone

Steven P.Jobs, Chief Executive of Apple, introduced a new, cheaper iPhone model that connects to Internet faster, expanded its distribution overseas & displayed a range of new applications and services in order to establish Apple as a major playerbin Cellphone industry. The phone, sleeker than the original, wil also have built-in Global Positioning System capability to allow location based services and wil also run on 3G wireless networks that allow much faster Internet connections. It wil also have a longer battery life in some cases. Apple announced that it would begin selling the iPhone in 70 countries this summer, the current phone is being sold in 6 countries.