Wednesday, July 9

Last Day

Many unusual things happened on final day of our college life. The most memorable of all is that a guy named NITIN who is the best entertainer of our class, unexpectedly came to college and gave a sweet shock to all of us. Nobody expected this will happen on that day since it had never happened before. There was a feel of joy in everybody’s(including the staffs) heart when he entered our class. There was a huge loud of applauds from the entire class. Then the classes<>Then we were asked to go to our lab where we started our celebrations. There were snaps taken everywhere in the college right from the entrance gate to the canteen. Took snaps with other department friends too. Colourful powders were thrown over all of them. No one in the college was able to control the situation since it was done by IT STUDENTS. It seemed to be as if the day went off in a second. In the evening, there were hugs and handshakes all around. As usual we went to our favourite tea shop outside the college and celebrated there as well. Finally everyone left to their respective buses. The day started with cheers and ended in tears……..

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