Sunday, July 13

Finally a Degree

Its a long dream for students like us to get a engineering degree. Once when I entered into my college, I lost my interest towards studies and started to enjoy my life. We, our gang, dint even listen to what the teachers said, instead were teasing them. We bunked classes for atleast twice a week, went to movies, stayed in friends’ rooms, boozed often whenever we got some money in our pocket, did all the things what a college student can do. The result, was the first arrear in my life, in my third semester. But I expected this because I felt lazy to buy the original book of that subject during my exam and experienced the pain. I didnot clear that paper till my sixth semester and finally cleared in seventh. In addition to this, I kept four different arrears in each of the semesters from fourth to seventh. Finally entered into the last semester of my engineering life. Days passed very soon as we were concentrating on our project works. Completed the project work successfully and started to prepare for our exams. As usual our gang me, Nitin, Subramani and Sridhar assembled in a common place, either in my place or Nitin’s place. Each one of them shared each subject with particular units and exactly three days before the exam,we shared what we studied. Successfully we completed our studies and also all the three exams. I had one arrear and thankfully got five days leave for it and studied all the five units without leaving any topic. Then fate came into play. When we received the question paper, everyone was shocked. Out of 100 marks, maximum 20 marks would have been from the book, rest was completely on own and we had no idea. We started to laugh for a moment, but then took it as a challenge and wrote for full 100 marks for exactly 3 hours. Came out of the hall with a satisfaction. Result came as ALL CLEAR. Though its not a big thing, it was a real achievement in life. And today when I got my certificates from college, cherished with joy, but didnot show it outside. However crossed the first half of my life and now comes the biggest challenge, with my career. Lets be positive and see how it goes….

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