Thursday, July 3

Pondy Trip

The most memorable thing in our college is our trip to Pondichery. Actually we planned to go somewhere in Chennai. But suddenly we thought of making it a long one. So we decided to go to Pondy and six of our friends agreed. We started around 7.15 A.M and it took nearly 4 hours to reach there. After getting to a room, we started our party. Started with Fosters and took rest till evening. Then we went to a nearby beach in the evening and relaxed there. We had our dinner at around 8 in a French restaurant. Spent some good time there and left off to buy some booze for night. We reached our room and started the party. Then played cards for some time and enjoyed till 3 A.M. In the morning, we went to famous Vinayagar temple Aurobindho Ashram nearby and spent some time there. We had our lunch at Ram’s restaurant. Then bought booze, enjoyed as usual and the days went off. We spent three nights and four days in our hectic schedule. From then onwards, we started to go every semester holidays and the strength got increased each time. Cant forget those memorable days. CHEERS!!!!!

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