Monday, August 11

Marmayogi = Maruthanayagam?

With the commencement of Marmayogi, it's time for controversies to take centre stage. The recent buzz that has been doing rounds in Kollywood is that Kamal Haasan is trying to revive his dream project Maruthanayagam and pass it off as Marmayogi. A few years ago, the ambitious actor started Maruthanayagam amidst much fanfare. It may be recounted that this film, which was also directed by Kamal, was shelved when a section of the society raised a hue and cry over depicting their community in dark light. But Kamal's new appearance for Marmayogi, which is similar to one he sported during the Maruthanayagam days, has raised doubts that he has plans to serve the old wine in a new bottle. However, Marmayogi is based in the 7th century while Maruthanayagam was a warrior who lived in the 18th century.

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