Wednesday, August 13

Madurai Trip

Usually during my school days, I use to go to Madurai atleast once a year but after joining college I just went once in four years. I missed a lot and finally this time I didnot miss my chance to go there. We went there for Pongal on August 8,9,10 and we four, me, my brother and my two cousins as usual celebrated with our families. We use to go to temple in evenings and watch stage programmes in nights with our gang friends.
We slept at 4 in night and woke up at 8 in morning. The lunch for all three days were just amazing. There will be atleast two non-veg items, either chicken & mutton or chicken & fish. I enjoyed food and ate well after years because it was prepared by my grandma. We never had time to relax or sleep but we didnot wish for it either.
After three days of good enjoyment, we four returned home. Well my Madurai Trip was awesome and had lot of joy and fun. We thought of spending a week there but didn’t. Dont know when we will go there next time but definitely miss my village very much….

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