Tuesday, June 17

Subramaniapuram Review

A simple tale about group of young cool guys in Madurai during 1980 who have worries to care about their future lives. Azhagu (Jai), Paraman (Sasi), Kasi (Ganja Karuppu) and their handicapped friend are almost the roadside Romeos of the town. Azhagu is in love with Swathi whose belongs to the family of political background. Thulasi (Samuthirakani), uncle of Swathi has a very close relationship with these guys. Azhagu, Paramanan and other buddies in the group set-up a sound service rental in front of Thulasi’s home and now and then they get into problems. Well, Thulasi is the first one to step forward in bringing them out of troubles. Gliding with gleeful moments, these youngsters are now thrown into troublesome moments filled with lots of betrayals and vengeance.

‘An awesome movie’, these would be the remarking words that you will spell after watching this flick. An intensifying attempt from Director Sasi for brimming up with a perfect story and powerful narration that makes audiences glued to the screens right throughout the film. Chennai 600028 fame Jai shells out his best performance that looks more naturalistic. But in most of the scenes, his performance and gestures brings Karthi in Paruthiveeran. Probably, it may be due to the fact that Sasi worked with Ameer as assistant director and seemingly this could be the one fine reason. Not alone standing on the shoes of director does Sasi excel, for he does a mind blowing performance on the character of Paraman. Actress Swathi looks cool, but her performance is not up to our expectations for you can spot her all the time smiling and rolling her eyes.

Musical score by James Vasanth is a commendable approach for all the melodies have been well-tuned. Fine! It would have nice if he had come bit of improvised work on background score. A marvelous cinematography by Kathir makes the film more enhanced; especially the action sequences have been very well captured. Kathir has the detailed elements canned and obviously it’s a great for audiences. Director Sasi hasn’t focused more on the aspects of romance and fails a bit in drawing us in emotionally in few scenes. But violence dominates the most throughout the frames

In simple terms, ‘Subramaniapuram’ is a film that elevates Tamil Cinema to the next level in World Cinema. Splendiferous directorial by Sasi is praiseworthy and you people shouldn’t miss this film…

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