Friday, June 13

A dangerous precedent, says Left

The Left parties on Tuesday indicted the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) for setting a “dangerous precedent” with the Prime Minister being asked to personally intervene to mediate between the Ambani brothers. “The corporate houses are openly in the fray to lobby their interests in the run-up to the confidence vote [being faced by the Manmohan Singh government in the Lok Sabha],” the Communist Party of India (Marxist) said in a statement. The CPI(M) Polit Bureau said: “The PMO should not become the conciliation office for warring corporates, however desperate the ruling party may be to retain power.”

The CPI said it was shocking the Prime Minister and the PMO were being dragged into the corporate war.

Rejecting the Left’s allegation, the PMO said there was no question of the Prime Minister getting involved in corporate affairs. The PMO said Dr. Singh’s meeting with Reliance Industries chief Mukesh Ambani on Monday was part of his regular interaction with industry leaders.

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